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Seven little luxuries to make every day special

Self-care should not be an unattainable luxury. If truth be told, it is the small things we do every day for ourselves that bring us the greatest joy.

Work, home, and everything in between can often turn days into a long monotonous drill. Week after week we go through the routine which often feels like balancing a four-course meal on single plate! In fact, even things we love to do to unwind start feeling like a task.

It is important to pay attention to ourselves despite the stress at work, chores at home and the never-ending things to do list. While spending everyday day at the spa may seems like the only way to reclaim life, it is a luxury that we wish was easily attainable. But self-care should not be an unattainable luxury.

If truth be told, it is the small things we do every day for ourselves that bring us the greatest joy. And this last week has really sent this message home for me. I have worked long hours late into the night trying to meet the 'big 'Hit Publish' date on my calendar for this very website while jugging all the other things called LIFE.

I relied heavily on my practice of meditation and mindfulness and realised that the little luxuries of life are often found in tiny corners and simple rituals of self-care. Remembering to smell freshly brewed coffee, or smile as you straighten a book on an otherwise neatly arranged shelf or remembering that you have a clean and cosy bed waiting for you at the end of the day are some of the simple things that one can make a big difference!

So here are seven little things to do over seven days to make each day seem special.

Mastering Monday

The infamously dreadful day of the week must be started by putting yourself first. Begin your day with you. Take five minutes at the beginning of your day to have some lemon water in your favourite mug and stretch. This way you first make the day about yourself before fulfilling the commitments made to others.

Therapy Tuesday

Though Monday is infamous, Tuesday can be a real pain too. Pamper yourself with a shower gel that makes you feel alive and refreshed. To make the day even more special light your favourite candle as you come home and feel relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time.

Wow Wednesday

Take on the mid-week blues with a midweek manicure. You can do this while watching television so it really does not take any time. Remove any chipped nail paint and then massage your hands with olive oil or your favourite aromatic hand cream while you unwind.

Tempting Thursday

The weekend is not too far away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t treat ourselves to something special. Nothing feels better than a clean and soft towel - make sure you have a fresh one! Roll them up for a little ‘oomph!’ rather than folding them and give yourself a perfect little five-star resort experience.

Fierce Friday

The spirits are up and it’s time for some more self-indulgence. How about indulging in some culinary delights to treat your inner chef and foodie? Look up a recipe that you would like to make in the next few days and begin your prep for it.

Sentimental Saturday

A bit of happy nostalgia is good for the soul. Spend some time looking at old photographs on Saturday. Remember the happy times and cherish the good memories for a positive day.

Strong Sunday

Change your sheets and spritz a little lemon water in the room for a natural deodorant. Relax, and enjoy the end of week as you prepare to master yet another week with these little luxuries.

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