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Five easy ways to embrace florals in your home decor - chic and charming rolled into one

Spring is very much here in Queensland and going gaga over florals at this time is hardly novel. The luscious lavender Jacarandas, beautiful bottlebrush bouquets and the little yellow daisies that peak out of the sidewalk every morning are indeed impossible to resist and I am desperate to bring some of them into my home.

So, what is stopping me you ask?

I am not a florals person you see <please visualise a dramatic sigh here>. So of course, when sighing over yet another Bougainvillea bush or the edible flowers on a MasterChef re-run was not enough, I set out to challenge myself and learn how to embrace florals in everyday design without my home being ‘too floral’. While florals can be used almost anywhere wallpapers to paper napkins, the trick is knowing how to use them with just enough restraint to create the desired look and ambiance.

Few carefully-chosen accessories are an easy solution as they are easily interchangeable or, in other words, low risk and ideal as accent pieces.

Here are five tips to embrace florals for non-floral people like me and a glimpse of how I have used them in my home below:

1. A statement centrepiece

One of the easiest ways to incorporate florals is by using fresh flowers. A statement centrepiece in the form of a bouquet or a tabletop arrangement embraces the spring vibe without going OTT. Keep floral arrangements effortless. Each flower has its own personality which can get muddled up if too many are bunched together. Leave the guessing of what matches to experts and instead stick to one or two colours in a simple vases or vessels to keep the flower the star! This image from the very talented Priya, brings together two flowers and home accessories in a stunning composition.

Bringing together flowers and home accessories in a cheerful composition, Photo Credit - Priya Luthra (the very talented Singapore-based design entrepreneur)

2. Inspired interpretation

Florals have really evolved over the years and there is no need to stick to petals and leaves anymore. Modern interpretations of the evergreen floral prints take the motifs and then have fun with it by accentuating or stylising them in a variety of forms. Find home accessories that adopt such an approach and you become the proud owner of a classic piece that can fit just about any home decor theme. I achieved this with a recent purchase - a pair of pillar candleholders with refined flower petals into a geometric pattern.

With a muted gold frame and a chalk white base, these patterned pillar candle holders are ideal for a sideboard and cast a beautiful shadow in the evenings.

3. Calm colours

Go subtle rather than bold – this is somewhat counter-intuitive as florals tends to be bright. The reds and oranges are often what is seen. However, choosing a softer colour palette such as pastels or muted beiges and blues allows you to take on florals without them dominating the item.

I took my own advice in the form of my coffee mug, something that I start my day with every day. I was in love with this mug the first time I saw it. However, being a staunch follower of delayed gratification, I treated myself to this mug only after eyeing it numerous times every time I walked past the store in the mall.

The Summer Blossom mug by Maxwell Williams. No other words needed..

4. Aesthetic art

If you are like me and not ready to commit to something big and floral but want a little bit of the outside on the inside, use floral artwork. The artwork can be an enlarged photograph, a sketch or even a painting placed strategically around the home. The trick here is to choose an oversized motif so that it becomes an accent piece and adds colour to a space. That flower outside your window, take a close-up photograph and frame it in simple photo frame. You can even sketch one yourself if you feel up to it.

The Duranta in my garden is considered a weed here in Queensland but I cannot help loving the colors on it.

5. Fabric

Textiles like many design elements can transform an otherwise traditional space into something calming or cool. Floral fabrics tick a number of boxes and the easiest way to use them in bite-sized pieces is in the dining space. Get some floral table mats or a cheery table runner to brighten up an otherwise boring table. Keep in mind that less is more and go easy on the print or the colour, which will be perfect as a backdrop for that yummy meal you cooked. For something a little bolder, an accent chair with a floral pattern is an ideal choice.

Something about this jacquard mustard accent chair says take me home, now just to convince my husband that we need it and have place for something like this, Photo Credit Tim Wright on Unsplash

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