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Eight things that you need in your hallway to make a statement and personalise your home

The saying 'first impressions count' maybe over-rated but certainly not when it comes to our homes. The entry or the hallway give the first impression of our house not just to others but also yourself when you come home - home should be all about you and your needs. However, if I am honest I found this to be bit of a struggle when I turned to the internet for hallway inspiration. Ideas galore but most of them focus on lengthening, widening and modernising the hallway. Some articles and beautiful images but practicality was a concern. Three cane baskets later, that were meant for magazines but ended up doing nothing but collecting dog hair, I went back to the drawing board and now my entry way is light and airy but most significantly works for me and my family.

Considering the above, I’ve taken away any decorating dilemmas you may have and put together a list of eight items (in no particular order) that will help make the most of the hallway, add that little oomph and make it your very own.

Artwork or feature

This is my favourite approach to enhancing the hall way. You can use the place to showcase your interests and passions. While displaying artwork is a great way to enhance the hallway, a noticeboard or a chalkboard also works well as a featured element. Families with busy schedules can use them to coordinate or leave messages for each other. Another idea is to share a hobby or passion in that space. In my home for instance, passion for miniatures decorates the hallway.


An important aspect of home decor is breaking down ‘boxy’ spaces with some texture, colour or focal points. Adding a plant does just that as it adds shape, texture and colour all in one. You can choose a fern or an easier to maintain succulent. In my home I am all about keeping it simple so bringing in what is in my garden in a vase is really enjoyable. You can read my previous post on using florals in home interiors if the thought of using florals indoors appeals to you here. Do use a vase that compliments the space as well as the flower arrangement to create a fresh and bright hallway.

Photo by Tiffin&Table


Mirrors are simple effective objects for home décor. Placing a mirror in the hallway automatically makes it look spacious and airy. This is especially useful for small spaces. Depending on your style, you could pick a crafty or ornate mirror or a plain round or oval mirror like the one in this image. Either ways, a mirror will upgrade your hallway and you can always use it check yourself out before setting out.

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

Photo frames

Most hallway or entryways have at least one or two walls depending on the layout. This space also provides an excellent gallery for photos whether they are from the family album or those of flowers or sceneries clicked over the years. Layouts can vary from a few large frames to a collage of smaller ones. Frames can be stand alone pieces that work together if you like an eclectic look or the same and match any other furniture if you prefer symmetry - there is something to suit every style.

Photo by Medhat Ayadon stocksnap


This element should really come with sub-parts as the key question here is storage for what? If you have a full house that needs storage for shoes, schoolbags and sports stuff then having shelves, drawers or under-­counter baskets work well. Remember to use the length of the space especially if there is limited floor space – the key it to invest in some clever solutions.

The one that bears a mention here are however the recycled drawers in the photo below that serve as shelves, a feature and not to mention a conversation starter!

Photo by Manja Benic on Unsplash


Just like storage, a seating arrangement in the hallway can be added to suit the preferences of the household. Depending on the space you could choose to place a signature element like a classic arm chair or a wing chair. If space is not a problem, then an entryway bench is ideal. Pair it with a colourful throw or cushions to add that extra bit of colour to the space or balance the brightness if the space is already colourful.


As the entry to your house, the hallway should ideally be well lit. A dark entryway is not welcoming and probably a bit unsafe too. The process of creating a well-lit hallway can also enhance its décor. Incorporate a statement lamp or a ceiling light that reflects your personality and taste in design and lights up your hallway to create that lasting first impression on your guests.

Smell The entryway welcomes you and your guests to the house. Adding some pleasant and welcoming scent automatically creates a warm and pleasant impression. Scented candles are the first thing that come to the mind. The warm glow of the candle coupled with the pleasant scent create and calm and relaxing environment for you and people who come to visit.

Photo by: Sarah Pflug from Burst

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