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Eight spring inspired table runners to brighten up you home

Some of the most beautiful table setting ideas incorporate a table runner that sets the tone and brings different elements together. Keeping in mind that I am still enjoying my spring vibe and embracing florals in my décor. I wanted to keep that theme going for the upcoming end-of-year get-togethers that we are hosting soon. I therefore set myself a task of finding the best table runners for spring.

While a standard table runner is 10-15 inches wide and 36 to 108 inches long, the exact dimensions would of course depend on the size of the table. A simple rule to keep in mind is that the width of the table runner should ideally be one-third of the width of your table and the length should allow six inches to hang-off the ends of the table. While cloth-based table runners in are easily available in markets, including natural materials add that extra design element to dinner table décor.

Wanting to keep things as real as possible, I gravitated towards table runner designs that use greenery and eco-friendly raw materials to the maximum. I wanted to combine these with some soft lighting and personalised embellishments. I chose two plants, one the Monstera Delicosa which is a tropical ornamental plant and has the most interesting leaves and the Eucalyptus trees (or towering gums as they are called here in Australia) which flourishes in my backyard. The first one will probably be a DIY job (see image at the bottom of the post) and while I do love nature I am not a fan of bugs that might come indoors, there is nothing stopping me from using the below idea for an outdoor BBQ for the second one.

Yes! this is the look I will re-create, Image Source: Pixabay

Here I share some of the ideas that inspired me. These simple and eco-friendly ideas use burlap, leaves and plants to create beautiful, spring-ready table runners.

1. Burlap table runner

The burlap is an eco-friendly and easily reusable material which on its own adds a natural vibe to any setting. On its own, the burlap as a table runner creates an earthy setting. However, if you are looking to do more, then the burlap doubles as a great eco-friendly art material. You can paint it, pin or stick embellishments to reflect the spirit of spring in your dining room décor.

2. Edible table runners

This one is for the proud plant parents. An edible table runner is a great way to show case your herb garden. Here the table runner is not just décor but it a part of the meal. Edible table runners are efficient and make efficient use of space of limited space.

3. Succulent centrepiece table runner

Table-runners cannot get eco-friendlier than this. The succulent table runner serves as center piece as well as a runner. It is easy to pick up and move out of the way too and easy to set-up. It is great for spring table runner for those crazy, time-starved days.

4. Burlap and Succulent table runner

If placing pots on the dining table doesn’t seem feasible, then decorating succulents with other natural materials is an idea you may consider. The burlap wrapped succulent table runner is simple to make. The burlap naturally provides ventilation to your plants, and its original brown hue, a perfect contrast to the deep green succulents. Add some mellow lighting and you have a naturally vibrant dining area.

5. Leaves and Candles table runner

Use leaves and candles as a table runner to create that feast-like ambience. Tie the leaves together to make a runner of just spread them across the table for a natural vibe. Candle light itself creates a calm and joyous environment. A candles or tea-lights in a candle-holder can act as the signature center piece in your décor. Alternatively, several candles spread across with the leaves can add that warm earthy glow to your memorable evening.

6. Rustic Twig Table Runner

This is a fun DIY table runner and extremely simple to make. All you need is some twigs and twine or glue. Tie the twigs together to create rustic table runner which represents the spirit of spring. It is not only pretty, but also eco-friendly. You can always throw in some leaves and sparkles to add some bling to your table décor.

7. Terrarium table runner

Terrarium’s are beautiful as home décor. The mix of pebbles, soils and lush green can brighten up any space. As table runners, terrariums are ideal for both indoor and outdoor décor. They bring that extra natural freshness to the dining experience.

On my DIY list - loving this nature inspired version, Image Source: Stocksnap

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