I am a 30-something who is passionate about food and design. I am also the planner, cook-er (as my then six-year old niece called it) and stylist behind T&T. The truth is that I never planned to get into cooking or for that matter live away from India. I planned to run a small design business in the foothills of the Himalayas and live there with my three dogs. I even had their names picked out. And those who know me, know I love to plan and then implement my plans. Except, I met someone wonderful who planned to live abroad.

To cut a long story short, I now live one hour away from the gorgeous Gold Coast in Australia with my partner and our twenty-month old puppy (Yes! I have managed to get the first one – hopefully another one will join us next year). Cooking became a part of my life as I missed home-cooked Indian food while living overseas but it has grown into so much more. It is what helps me stay connected to my very Indian roots yet encourages me try new things (with wine and cheese firmly on the top of that list).

Food for me is now all about comfort and celebration. I am not a nutritionist or a chef but I am one half of a young, professional and sort-of-lazy couple which means that my days are full and the budget tight.  My cooking always needs to pre-planned, sensible and resourceful that promotes reuse and reduces wastage. I grow a lot of my own herbs and veggies and our quarter acre property is currently being readied for re-planting. I am a bit of decor-nut and it is difficult to drag me away from a store that sells things that can present food (and more) in a beautiful way. This site brings together all of my creative pursuits and brings together smart cooking and an ever growing list of carefully curated home decor products and style ideas from local and global designers - I hope you will find something in there that will make your everyday special too. 

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