Tiffin and Table has a simple aim – to help put fresh food into tiffins and beautiful tables everyday.

*Tiffin -  a small meal, especially one that you eat in the middle of the day. Often used in Indian English as a term for home-cooked lunch


In a world that is moving towards pre-cooked meals and frozen dinners, Tiffin and Table is my little corner focused on slowing down and connecting with life's little pleasures - whether it is by rolling dough on a wooden bench top for home-made pizza, listening to the sizzle of spices over hot Dal or putting together a flower arrangement from my garden to brighten up the hallway !

You will find here ideas for comfort (but smart) home cooking and carefully curated collections of home decor and some casual conversations with inspiring entrepreneurs!

 I look forward to getting to know you and hope Tiffin & Table helps you put yummy food into tiffins and beautiful tables everyday too!

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